Christmas Party Ideas for Teens

By admin

Let’s face it—our teens are sometimes a hard crowd to please. But if you can keep them safe and at home rather than out on the town during the long holiday break, you might sleep a little easier at night knowing where they are. But in order to keep them home, you’re going to have to do some pretty creative entertaining and follow a few tips from the pros. Here are some tips to help plan a holiday party your teens won’t want to miss.

Coordinate with other parents

Most teenagers are up for anything as long as their friends are involved. If you can get their friends’ parents on board, you might be able to find a night they’re all free from family obligations and get some good ideas in the process. Ask all the other parents about their teens’ favorite foods and activities and get them to pitch in for snacks if you feel it’s appropriate.

Hire a santa

They may think they’re too old for Santa, but most teenagers will get a kick out of taking their pics with Papa Noel. You might can even hit up one of their guy pals to play the part. The girls will have a blast. Be sure to set up a way to take those photos like with a photo booth rental Long Island.

Host a formal dinner

If your teenager is more the glamour type, think about throwing a formal dinner party. The attire doesn’t have to be completely formal if they’d rather just dress up a bit, but the food can be as gourmet as you’d like and you can break out your finest china. You can also come up with some mocktail concoctions to serve before or after dinner. And be sure to put on some classic Christmas tunes to set the mood.

Have a gift exchange

Everyone loves presents. Ask each attendee to bring a gift they themselves would like to receive and either draw numbers or play a game to start the exchange. It’s a good idea to set a price limit on these to keep the exchange fair and to prevent any potential embarrassment among the kids.

Plan a movie night

This can be a lot of fun for this age group, but make sure you pile on the snacks. Let your own teen pick the party fare and be sure to buy several movies to pick from so they can watch them as long as they’d like. You can make this an all night event or one that ends at midnight. This may largely depend on whether or not it’s a mixed gender party and how much supervision you’re willing to provide.

Lead a volunteer day

It’s great to teach your kids the value of giving back, and what better way to start than by letting them include their friends. Ask your teen to make sure they only invite friends who are serious about helping as to avoid too much joking around or horseplay. And check with your local charities to see where help is needed. This might be at a homeless shelter, food pantry, or children’s home. Just make sure you check with their parents before you take them to unknown places.

Don’t forget the parting gifts

Party favors aren’t just for kids. People of all ages love getting an extra surprise, even if it’s something small. For teens, favor ideas might be a little trickier, but one inexpensive idea is pop art canvases. Your teen shouldn’t have a problem getting a simple headshot of each guest before the party that you can use to place the order online. Also, personalized ornaments are another great and inexpensive idea.

The best thing to remember when having a party for teens is to be flexible with your schedule. By creating an inclusive event highlighted with friends, a good time, and giving back, you’ll be sure your party is one your teen won’t want to miss.