Careers in the Medical Field You Might Want To Consider

By admin

The careers of many of those in the medical field will be safe for decades to come. There are just some things that will not be able to be automated such as patient interaction and treatment. Most people think that to work in the medical industry that you will have to go to medical school and 8 years minimum of school. This could not be further from the truth as there are plenty of jobs that take little training or where skills can be used from other industries. The following are careers that you might want to consider in the medical field.


The world of medical marketing is extremely competitive whether it is a medical malpractice firm or doctor’s office. The amount of money in this sector makes it one of the most competitive as malpractice cases can lead to millions of dollars in settlements. There is even legal nurse consulting that can help with these cases so it is its own economic system. Plastic surgery is a quite profitable industry with many of the practices having their own in-house marketing team. Successful marketers in other industries should take a look into the medical field in order to have an interesting career change that will also benefit them financially.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse is ravaging our country with millions of people suffering from a plethora of addictions. You will have to become certified for this and major in this during college. A great way to try this out is to apply to work at a troubled teens center to learn skills it will take to become an effective counselor. Many people think that you need to have some kind of addiction in the past to do this but they are wrong. Those who have been impacted even by a family member by addiction have the experience they will need to succeed.

Aide To Rehabilitation

People who do physical rehabilitation are always going to need aides of all kinds. This could be teaching someone to walk again and helping them keep their balance. This can also be rehabbing injuries from car accidents or other traumatic events. This can be quite rewarding personally as you can help change a person’s life with the right motivation and implementation of the program that the therapist has drawn out. Those who are interested in getting into the therapy field should try this as an internship to see if they can see themselves doing this long term.


The orderly is the bouncer of a hospital or other facility. This is the person  that is called for an unruly patient or a patient that cannot be lifted by one person. This can be a career that wears on you as most patients are not happy to see an orderly as it usually means that they have been called to help staff with some kind of struggle. This is perfect for the gentle giant who has a knack for calming people down as usually the problems are due to a misunderstanding or a patient being afraid.