Cannabis’ Powerful Path to Legalization

By admin

It wasn’t long ago that thinking about marijuana conjured images of drug addicts and delinquents. The change, both in public perception and in legalization, has been a subtle one, but a powerful one. Today 90% of people support some form of legalization, with 59% supporting recreational use specifically. 

This can be a shocking statistic to hear. Today it’s not just a majority but a vast majority of people who support cannabis legalization. This has been reflected legally as well. There are 37 states with legalized medical marijuana, and 21 with legalized recreational use. On top of this, all states have legalized CBD with the caveat of having specific restrictions.

How did this happen? Well it happened locally. Counties into regions into states that decided what was best for them was legalization. It’s been a slow and gradual process, but one that has been ramping up in speed year after year. This isn’t to say there is no federal work being done. President Joe Biden pardoned all non-violent offenders of marijuan possession, for example. Although the vast majority of changes have been happening locally.

This is why this has been such a powerful but relatively undiscussed issue. Of course marijuana legalization has seen a lot of controversy, but it hasn’t been a contentious debate topic in years. Marijuana’s path of legalization is one of the people. It doesn’t demand a national platform, or for people to have it forced down onto them. It’s simply something people have started to want, and that has started to see legalization.

Cannabis Legislation by State