Best Means to Address Dwindling Libido

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Doctors at Mayo Clinic reiterate that the, consistently. If your penis is about 5 inches in length when erect, it is perfectly normal. Sizes between 3 and 5 inches could be a sign of a problem and sizes below 3 inches, when erect, means you are experiencing a condition called micropenis. Thankfully, there are top products for male enhancement, reviewed on trusted portals like Men’s Health Digest, which offer help with this.

Here, we look at some of the possible male enlargement treatments available.

Options Quick Male Enhancement

  • Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum pumps are available at pharmacies and are often touted as a quick-fix solution for penis enlargement. The pump draws blood inside the penis and thus makes it swell and appear elongated. Although the penis might appear larger, this size is unlikely to last. Besides, using pumps too often and for too long is certainly not advisable, since they can damage the elastic tissue lining of the penile wall. This could have an adverse impact on the quality of erections, thereafter.
  • Exercises for Penis Enhancement: These exercises involve a motion where one hand is placed on another and a motion is used for pushing blood from the base of the penis to the tip. This motion is called jelqing. Although this seems like a safer means to achieve a longer erection, there is no scientific proof that it works. Besides, when performed incorrectly, it can also lead to disfigurement, scarring and excruciating pain.
  • Stretching: This activity involves a stretcher or an extender device, which is attached to the penis like a traction device, and exerts gentle tension. Although this method claims to result in elongation of up to 2 inches, it is not backed up sufficient research. In the absence of studies regarding its long-term effectiveness, safety also remains a concern.
  • Surgery: Surgery involves dividing the suspensory ligament within the penis. At best, it may add up to one inch to your penis, in a flaccid state. However, surgery is an invasive option, which can lead to scarring, loss of sensation and function as well as infection, in case the process goes wrong. Simply put, an invasive procedure for penile enlargement is not exactly advisable.
  • Natural Male Enhancement Supplements: Natural supplements containing active ingredients can be consumed in their recommended doses for quick and sustained results. Most of these male enlargement products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, making them safe and without the harmful side-effects that chemical-based drugs entail. You need to check on the list of ingredients for the product of your choice, so as to rule out allergies, if any. While some of these supplements are meant for enlargement alone, others are considered effective for improving the overall quality of sex life, enhance libido and perk up your sex drive.

Apart from checking on the reviews of these natural male enhancement supplements, it is advisable to choose a trusted source to procure them from too.