BarxBuddy: Best Dog Training Device for The Average Person?

By admin

Most dog owners know that choosing to bring home a furry family member is only the first in a long line of very crucial decisions for both your family, and your new pet. Before you even consider buying a dog it’s important to decide on the breed you would like to have.

Different breeds have vastly different temperaments and require different training techniques. Some breeds like Yorkies are less intelligent than others, while other popular breeds such as blue nose pitbulls are a favorite among military servicemen and require more training.

Another big decision is deciding how you want to train your dog. In the past, the clear winner for best option was to turn to outside training classes. These classes have a moderate chance at success, but come with many pitfalls, which we’ll discuss later. A new dog training device called BarxBuddy is actually now an impressive option for those looking to train their dog. It caught my eye with this 2020 review, as well as this write up, and it may just be the best dog training device for the average person.

How does it work?

The first reason why BarxBuddy may be an excellent option to bring into your home is because it’s very simple to use. It’s an ultrasonic device, meaning it simply emits a high-pitched frequency, to help you train your dog. When you dog starts acting up, or exhibiting an unpleasant behavior you’d like to correct, you simply pull out your BarxBuddy dog training device, and press the button to emit the high pitched noise. Once you’ve used your BarxBuddy to get your dog’s attention, you now have an excellent opportunity to train your dog on your own, right in your home. You can have them sit calmly for a few seconds, and then reward them. It also comes with an LED-light, which can help you in the training process.

Why it’s a great training tool

  • BarxBuddy is an excellent alternative to other training options because it enables you to be in charge of your training, for an affordable cost. 
  • Outside training classes come with some difficulties. Firstly, another person is the one training your dog, and this could cause some troubles when you try to take over the training. 
  • Secondly, the costs can add up, fast. When you’re attending these classes, you often need to attend many of them to see results, and sometimes if they’re not effective, you have to shell out for even more.
  • BarxBuddy is small, portable, and affordable, meaning it’s easy to keep several of them handy for when you need them most. You can toss one in your bag, keep one by the front door for walks, and keep one in the living room. This means you’ll always have one nearby for when you see a good training opportunity.

BarxBuddy has several purposes

BarxBuddy dog training device can also be used as a safety device. If you’ve ever encountered dangerous or unruly dogs while on your walks, the BarxBuddy may also be useful for you. Using the high-pitched frequency, you can startle a misbehaving or dangerous dog that approaches you.

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