8 Helpful Ideas for Packing Your Child’s Room Up for a Move

By Full Editorial

Organizing a move requires a lot of planning and strategy. When it comes to a children’s room, it’s a whole different ballgame. Many children’s rooms are already filled with chaos that may include toys, games, books, and lots of clothes.

Eliminate a lot of the stress with these packing tips. Use one or more of the ideas to really improve the packing experience and reduce stress for both you and the child.

1. Use 3 Bins

As you go through a child’s room, you should use three different bins or boxes to sort through items. Ideally, you will want colored bins to easily differentiate between the bins or you can use labels to clearly showcase what each one is used for. Assign one bin for donations, one bin for garbage, and one bin for actual packing.

The donation bin is ideal for items like clothes that no longer fit, old books a child no longer needs, or toys that could be donated to childcare centers and other locations. Use the garbage bin for broken toys and junk. Then you have the packing bin left over and will know exactly what to move to the new location.

2. Child’s Checklist

A child may have some anxiety when you pack up their items for a move. Make the process easier by going through a checklist with them. If old enough, a child can write their own checklist to ensure their favorite items make it on the move. A child will feel more involved and you can eliminate the stress of missing items.

3. Packing Pictures

As you pack items for the move, take pictures of boxes to showcase what’s inside. The pictures can provide more comfort for a child and reduce anxiety. If they have questions about what you have packed, then you can show them the pictures.

4. School Day Packing

While a child can help in a lot of ways, they can also become a major distraction. If possible, try to pack a lot of the room during a school day. You will get more done and can reduce your own stress with the packing routine.

5. Wardrobe Boxes

Children may go through a lot more outfits on a regular basis. Allow quick access to shirts and pants with the use of a wardrobe box. The boxes feature a pole that allows you to hang items up and easily sort through without digging to the bottom of a box.

6. The Quick-Access Backpack

Give your child an extra backpack so they can pack some favorites that will want quick access to. The favorite items could include stuffed animals, toys, books, or electronic devices. The backpack also gives a child a chance to help pack.

7. Protect Items With Old Clothes

Save some of the outgrown clothes from your child and use them to wrap up fragile items like lamps, decor, or picture frames. The thickness of the clothes adds extra protection without the need for extra bubble wrap.

8. Furniture Upgrades

Determine what furniture needs upgrading in your child’s room. Discard the old furniture instead of bringing it to the new home and start fresh with some new purchases.

Keep all these tips in mind when you plan your next move!