8 Gifts That Won’t Disappoint

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It seems like there is always a new occasion to buy someone a gift for. Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, graduations… you name it. You need a gift for it.

It’s annoying to keep giving money or gift cards, and you only come up with so many creative ideas for each event.

There are so many new items on the market to choose from that it is often challenging to pick out something perfect. You also have to worry about picky people or someone giving the same gift as you.

From technology to handmade crafts, athletic gear, and environmentally-friendly items, it can be tough to pick something awesome.

Any of these seven gifts would make the perfect gift for any special occasion.

1. Protein Coffee

A wide variety of coffee lovers have begun to drink their favorite beverage blended up with extra protein. That task is made simple with instant protein coffee.

Complete Nutrition makes a delicious Maine Roast protein coffee that anybody would love. People who love to exercise, students who need to stay focused, or even your average tired individual would benefit from what protein coffee offers.

I love Complete Nutrition because of all the positive ways it impacts my health. While it gives me the caffeine I need, it also helps me stay focused longer and improves my heart health.

The caramel flavor is my absolute favorite because of how sweet and delicious it is! It tastes like a treat but has no added sugar or fat, so it isn’t an unhealthy drink.

Protein coffee has so many more vitamins and nutrients in it than regular coffee does. Anyone that is looking for a way to boost their health could also consider taking a multivitamin with this delicious morning drink.

Drinking protein coffee along with taking multivitamins, is a great way to get all of the essential nutrients your body needs throughout the day.

Whoever is receiving this gift from you will appreciate your thoughts about their well-being and their drinking enjoyment!

2.  Smart Notebook

Just when you thought everything had an original version, something new hit the market. A smart notebook is a great organizational tool that you’d never expect to see.

A gift for a student, working adult or anybody that needs to remember anything, a smart notebook is a total game-changer

With pages made of polyester composite, the pages feel like paper but erase like magic. Fill the page, scan it to your favorite cloud service on your phone, and wipe with ease.

No more stacks of half-filled notebooks that waste space and paper. No more heavy backpacks filled with a notebook for every class.

This one notebook is the smartest way to stay organized and keep track of everything you need to remember. It is a gift that nobody will think of, but that is crazy practical!

3. Beach Chairs

Trips to the beach can mean loads of bags, chairs, coolers, or other necessities for a relaxing day. To make the journey simpler, the perfect chair is a requirement.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are the Cadillac of lounge furniture. They are easy to carry with the attached backpack straps and even come complete with a cooler so you can keep the bulky one at home!

Ultimate beach comfort is the best way to show your loved one you care about them. The attached head pillow and ultra-sized cup holder and pouch will make them happier than ever.

Built to last long, these chairs easily fold and can be stored anywhere. Don’t settle for giving a boring gift that isn’t practical when you can provide these awesome chairs.

4. CBD Oil

Giving CBD Oil as a gift shows that you’re both trendy and thoughtful, and can be useful to almost anyone. 

In the fast-paced age of 2019, employees all over the world find themselves strapped for time, and thus don’t place enough importance on their health. Fortunately, CBD oil is a health-focused solution that requires minimal time to use. 

The oil has been shown to have had positive effects on one’s mood, and reduces stress by significant levels — something we all need today. It has also been shown to improve quality of sleep. If you’re buying a gift for someone who’s very busy, this may be the ideal purchase!

Growing in popularity, CBD oil is now available in a number of health shops, and is easy and inexpensive to obtain.

5. Smartwatch

If you need a techy gift that is super useful, a smartwatch might be a perfect choice. Smartwatches are so functional for not only telling time but also for exercising and tracking a user’s health.

According to Healthcare Weekly, many smartwatches on the market come equipped with heart monitors. A smartwatch is an impressive gift for wearers who have heart conditions or need to monitor their blood pressure and heart rate.

There are so many different options when choosing a wearable smart device that can also monitor your health. Many are compatible with apps that are available on smartphones to make the most out of the information they track.

Regular watches are not as useful as a smartwatch. Yes, they tell time, but they are not capable of tracking your health or telling you to meditate when stressed.

No matter the lifestyle of the person, you are gifting a smartwatch too, it is a great way to keep them trendy and healthy.

6. Automatic Foot Massager

One-time massages at the spa are pricey and lengthy. While they are a sweet treat every once in a while, they are not a great gift for multiple occasions.

Investing in a massager machine for your loved one is a great money saver. A wife will love not having to travel for a foot massage, and her husband will love not being begged for one!

New moms, stressed teenagers, and any worker that is on their feet all day will make great use of a nifty massage machine.

There are multiple settings and a heat button to receive spa-like treatment. It is easily washable to maintain cleanliness if other people want to test it out.

Nobody else will think to give a gift as luxurious as an at-home spa machine.

7. Kool8 Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are hot right now, and Kool8 makes one of the best out there! It is an excellent alternative to plastic bottles and styrofoam mugs that are killing the planet.

Kool8 is so easy to use and ultra-durable for even the clumsiest of users. It comes in stunning colors to match any style.

The Kool8 bottle won’t disappoint in the temperature control department. It can keep cold beverages at the right temperature for 24 hours! It can also maintain heat in a hot drink for a long workday

The most impressive part of Kool8 might be its social consciousness. With every bottle sold, the company donates 20% of the profits toward providing clean water to regions without it.

Buy your loved one a reusable bottle, a perfect way to make them happy, no matter the occasion.

8. TwinkleInTime Star Maps

If you are looking for a sentimental gift, a poster from TwinkleInTime will win you over.

Somebody that you love might cry when they open this cool gift. You can create a print of the night sky from a select date and location.

This is a beautiful way to remember something significant that you experienced together, like when you first met or got married.

A best friend would love a map of somewhere you visited together, and a parent would like their TwinkleInTime star map of when their baby was born.

This custom gift is a definite way to make a lasting impression on someone you love.

Settling for a boring gift is out. With any of these unique items, you will be the hit of any event.
This guest post comes from Julian Gnantenco @ JGBilling