4 Ways to Have Your Children Help Maintain Your Home’s Yard

By Full Editorial

No matter the season, a clean and tidy lawn can increase your property’s value and enhance its curb appeal. Yard work can be an excellent way to teach your children the importance of maintaining your property while spending quality time together. Following are a few ways to get your children involved in caring for your yard while keeping things interesting and fun.

1- Keep Tasks Simple

Younger children may not completely grasp the importance of keeping a neat yard. While you understand that outdoor maintenance improves the overall aesthetic of your property, your children may find it tedious and even boring. While kids can enjoy helping around the lawn, it’s important to ensure the tasks you assign them are simple enough. Make sure to stick with shorter tasks for younger kids. If you have more than one child, consider holding a competition to see which one can fill the most flowerbeds the quickest or who can rake up the biggest pile of leaves. If they are older, they may make up their own games along the way.

2- Make Sure Each Chore Is Age Appropriate

While your child may not be old enough to mow the grass, there are plenty of ways they can help out in the yard, regardless of age. For example, toddlers can weed and water your garden, while preschoolers can follow you as you complete outdoor work and give you a hand as needed. Additional outdoor chores younger children can help with include planting, harvesting, and fertilizing the garden. Once they get older, they can help with mowing, pruning shrubs, and laying down mulch.

3- Incentivize Outdoor Work With Money

Sometimes, a little cash goes a long way, especially when motivating kids to work outside. If you have older children, show them how to use the lawn mower safely and offer them a few bucks to mow occasionally. Besides, mowing the grass can teach your kids how to be responsible and is a life skill they can also use when they have their own lawns. Before getting your older child started with this chore, ensure they are strong enough and mature enough to operate a lawnmower safely.

4- Buy Them Their Own Outdoor Gear

Depending on your child’s age, buying their own gardening tools may be a great way to keep them excited to help. Children’s gardening and lawn care gear are usually safer than adult supplies. In addition, they are still sturdy but also lightweight and easier for a child to operate. Ensure the items you buy, such as gardening shears, have good grips, and purchase some kid-sized gardening gloves to keep their hands clean.

Remember, you don’t have to tackle the lawn work alone. Involving your family can make outside chores less tedious and more fun. Giving your kids guidance and a list of tasks they can help out with can ensure that the job gets done while you teach them the importance of maintaining a nice yard.