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4 Summer Job Ideas for Teens

By Web admin

Summer is the perfect time for your team to learn a little bit about responsibility, and also make a little side money. A job can prepare them for the workforce in the future, as they dip their feet into the professional world at a young age. However, not all jobs are suited for everybody. To help you choose, here are some of the best summer job ideas for your teen.

Unloading or Moving 

Thanks to their young age, teens are very energetic and physically capable. For this reason, teens can be the perfect candidate people who need help with unloading and moving. Not can a job like this be entertaining, but they can make friends doing it. There’s a unique sense of camaraderie, not to mention it’s extremely physical. 

If you have a teen with a considerable amount of energy, it’s a great job choice to help them mentally “unpack” and tire themselves out. Whether they get a job with an actual company, or they decide to find clients themselves, moving and unloading makes a great choice.


Working as a retail associate is a great way for your teen to get real-life work experience.  It’s an opportunity to learn about customer service since they’ll be dealing directly with customers. The summer is a great time to find a retail job because this is often when stores are the busiest. With an influx of tourists, many stores are desperate for someone to help them out to handle the workload. Another perk of working in retail is that it can strengthen your math skills. Ringing people up will help them practice basic calculation, as well as how credit cards work.


If you live near the beach or a pool, then look no further than a job as a lifeguard. Your teen will get to be a real-life hero, all while enjoying getting a suntan. It’s important to note that this is a job that requires an incredible amount of responsibility, so if your teen isn’t up for that kind of pressure, then it’s better to do something else. People’s lives we’ll literally be in their hands, so it’s important that they’re ready to take on that kind of role before being pushed into it.

Pet Sitter

Do you have a teenager that’s “wild” about animals? Do they see themselves potentially being a veterinarian one day? Why not get them a summer job working with what they love so much— animals! This can be an especially great job for teenagers who don’t have animals of their own, whether due to someone in the family having an allergy, or their parents simply don’t want to bother with the responsibility.

In the summer, many people travel and as such will need someone to take care of their beloved animals. Teens can be a great choice since they have flexible schedules and will be able to stop by and spend time with their animals as needed. This can teach them a lot about taking care of something else, and prepare them for parenthood in the future. In addition to feeding and spending time with the animals, your teen could also propose dog walking, which is another great way to make money and also get a workout!