3 Ways To Help Your Teen With School Struggles

By Web admin

It’s not uncommon for kids who were once extremely successful in elementary school to suddenly struggle with their new workload in high school as a teen. As a parent, it can leave you feeling helpless and you may not know where to begin with helping them. There may even be power struggles as your team resists your help with their academics. 

Despite how impossible may seem now, it is possible to help them overcome their struggles, and succeed in high school and beyond. All it takes is a little guidance and good old-fashioned love. Here are some of the best tips for helping your teen with school struggles. 

Get Extra Help 

You may not be totally equipped to help with all of their homework, and that’s okay! School curriculums have changed over the years, and your kids may not be learning materials that you’ve learned yourself. If you’re struggling to help your child with their subject matter, then consider getting extra help. 

Whether it’s hiring a tutor or asking a classmate to give an extra hand, the important thing is that your child that’s the support they need from someone who thoroughly understands the subject.  Believe it or not, it’s okay to tell your kid you don’t understand it either. Your honesty may even take some of the pressure off of them!

Attend All Parent-Teacher Meetings 

Statistics show that teams do better in high school when their parents attend parent-teacher events. Getting on the same page with their teacher means that your team will have a close eye on them both in the classroom and at home to ensure their success. Sometimes it may be challenging to attend parent-teacher meetings with your work schedule, so make sure that you plan ahead.

Even though work may feel like a priority over a meeting, your child’s future depends on it. Make sure that you prioritize attending any meeting that’s offered to you to stay informed. 

Check Their Homework All too often, parents don’t keep a close enough eye on their child’s homework. It’s important that you check their assignments and make sure that they are done. If your child doesn’t feel like you’re paying attention, they may try to get away with not doing all of their work. As their parent, it’s up to you to make sure that it’s coming along. The best way to encourage homework completion is to set up a reward system. For example, they can only have screen time upon completion of their homework. Above all, make sure that they’re not distracted when they’re doing homework. Any TV’s, phones, or music should be avoided while working on their schoolwork or it could affect the quality of their work.