3 Apprenticeship Programs for Veterans to Enter Into Trades

By jacob

Veterans go back into civilian life after service, often stuck without many job prospects. These veterans need to be able to put food on their tables, and while many do find employment, statistics from 2016 show that 453,000 veterans were unemployed.

Older veterans, those aged 45 and older, account for 60% of veterans unemployed.

And the statistics for veterans, aged 18 to 24, are just 4% of those unemployed. It’s harder for older people in the workforce to land a job regardless of their military service. Yes, unemployment figures fell from 4.6% in 2015 to 4.3% in 2016.

Trade apprenticeship programs are available to help these veterans, those that served our country, land a job.

What apprenticeship programs are available to help veterans get into trades?

1. United Association Veterans in Piping Program

The United Association Veterans in Piping Program is available at bases across the country. And this program trains veterans in the following specializations:

  • Fire sprinkler fitter
  • Welding

When entering any of these programs, it will open up the potential for veterans to get jobs at companies nationwide. Journeymen training and certification programs will help veterans get their foot in the door and enter into fields that are in high-demand.

2. Troops for Trades

Troops for Trades is another program that is geared towards three main, high-demand fields:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing

When veterans apply for the program, they’ll be able to work for service companies, such as Pipe Surgeons. All expenses are paid through the company’s training grants, and there are also scholarships for veterans for educational programs.

The program goes a step further, providing information on careers and also connecting veterans with businesses in need of the veteran’s services. Many of these companies are looking for experts to train and service techs to hire.

3. Workshops for Warriors

Workshops for Warriors is a fully audited nonprofit school that is helping train, place and certify veterans. This is a state-licensed program that offers a variety of different training programs for veterans, including:

  • Welding. An entire program on welding, offering hands-on training to veterans along with safety training. Three basic courses are offered, and they’re designed to train veterans in three welding processes: FCAW, GMAW and SMAW.
  • Machining. Veterans can enter a machinist program that is offered to veterans and transitioning service members. The program is 16 weeks in length with course hours up to 168 hours. The program will prepare veterans for a position as an entry-level CNC machinist.

Workshop for Warriors is a well-respected, well-known trainer of veterans, and they also offer accredited STEM educational programs and opportunities.

Veterans have the opportunity for training, and it’s these training programs that will land veterans in key roles. The trades, including HVAC, electric and plumbing, are in very high demand. A thriving career, all of these opportunities will be able to help veterans enter the workforce in a stable career.

And with many local companies hiring, veterans will be able to work close to home as they transition back into civilian life.